This person’s banana trick went viral due to the fact that now everyone desires to do it The Poke

Screenwriter Kevin Biegel is understood for his deal with Scrubs, Shallow Hal and Cougar Town, so we understand he’s imaginative, however he’s taken his imagination to another level with a single tweet.

He composed, “Favorite brand-new thing: Scratching haunting things into bananas at the market so when people take them home hours later on and the words appear they believe a ghost understands their secrets.”

He also shared an example of how it works.

Here’s the banana with the message discreetly scratched onto it.

And here’s how it looks after it’s beinged in the fruit bowl for a while.

Think of how frightening that would be if you were of a nervous or guilty disposition. Absolute genius.

Of course, there were some ideas for things to compose on bananas.

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